Our treatments

Heal the mind, body and the spirit with a massage treatment from our professional therapists. We offer a natural essence maker aromatherapy natural skin product, which are blended with exotic and local oils.


Appointments may be booked through our office and usually require a 24-hour notice. Prices below are objective to change and do not include gratuity. In room massages are an additional €10 per person. Cancellations requires a 24 hour notice.

Relaxing massage – 60 min – €75

Take the time to recover from the stresses of daily life. When you experience a relaxation massage, expect a treatment that involves long smooth gliding strokes that are rhythmic and flowing.

TUI NA or METHOD QI – 60 min – €85

Comes from China for the Tuina and from Japan for the QI method.
Energising massage. It is based on various techniques wish harmonies energies, regulates blood and energy. Regulates organic liquid and organs. Regulates the articular and tendons functions.


Drainage Lymphatique – 60 min – €75

This treatment consists of specific brush like strokes to encourage circulation of the lymph tissues in your body. Your therapist will gently press and move her hands in directional movements to reduce inflammation and promote self healing. Work on the Chinese medians too. Ask for a specific target.


Foot reflexology – 60 min – €75

Old technic of soft manual actions of massage on feet, fingers precessions on points and reflex zones.
Foot reflexology fives a very good wellness and deep relaxation.
Eliminates stress, tension and provides relaxation.


Moisturising FACIAL treatment – 60 min – €60

Moisturising facial treatment, allows your skin to recuperate after a long flights. provides a good sensation and fresh comfort. your skin will be left feeling flexible, bright and comfort.


Body scrub – 30 minutes – €50

Refine the skin texture, remove dead cells, and allow the cell to renew itself. Good for keep your tan longer.